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 Dunnville's Thunder on the Grand is looking for a new co-ordinator
The Dunnville Chamber of Commerce will be unable to co-ordinate Thunder on the Grand in 2015. If you are interested



Now accepting parade forms for the 70th Annual Light Up Santa Clause Parade Parade
Dec. 6th 2014 Parade Forms are now available at the Dunnville Chamber of Commerce!



November is Youth Appreciation Month!
  How do we thank our



Decorating, Interior Design, Landscaping 

Blooming Designs Florist and Gift Shop

Blooming Designs is a unique and creative florist and gift shop. We bring our creativity and experience to you in creating special designs for any occasion, such as: Funerals,Weddings,or any
Cooper's Flooring

Krista's Kornhusk Kreations and more

Krista's Kornhusk Creations and more!   Hand crafted cornhusk figures, florals and wreaths, home decor and other unique gifts.     Krista Barlow 116 Smith Avenue Dunnville, ON N1A 3C6 950-701-6677
Laverty's Home Furnishings

Mattress Man

Our mattresses are produced in Ontario with CANADIAN contents.   We offer a complete line of styles and design with your budget and comfort as a priority.   Any unusual size can be produced, just provide the size
Only Place on Earth

The World of Wonders!   Megalodon Teeth                                            Minerals Shark Teeth                                                    Fossils Jewellery                                                        Amethyst Shells                                                             Meteorites   107 Queen Street, Dunnville ON Call for an appointment 905-701-7775
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