Are You Ready For Maximum Tax Savings?


If you expect a refund or wish to file benefits or credits such as the GST/HST credit or Canada Child Benefit, you should file a tax return each year. You must file your tax return, even if you have a spouse. You have many options to maximize your spouse’s tax situation. These include income splitting and moving deductions between one another. It is recommended that the spouse with a higher income and tax bill maximize deductions, as they are more likely to be in the higher tax brackets.

It’s easier to remember which receipts or documents you have to claim later on if you know your rights from the beginning. . So are you ready to maximize your tax savings? We have prepared a list with deductions, credits, and other useful hints to increase your refund.

What Are The Different Tax Deductions?

Daycare costs for children and family benefits

If you have children under seven years old, you can claim up to $8,000 for childcare expenses, while children between 7-16 years can receive up to $5,000. Child care expenses include childcare centers, overnight boarding schools, daycare centers, and caregivers like nannies or au pairs. In most cases, childcare costs must be deducted from the income of the spouse who has the lower income.

Student Loans – Interest

You may be eligible to deduct interest on student loans from your income if your child or yourself are enrolled in post-secondary education. This deduction is available if you owe taxes. Interest may be carried forward for five years and applied to any tax return filed during that time.

Employers Can Deduct Expenses Related To Employment.

You can deduct expenses such as office supplies and mobile phone bills from your income if your employer requests that you purchase them. Teachers may be eligible to claim up to $1,000 of qualifying instructional materials.

Relocation Expenses

You might be eligible to claim relocation expenses if you moved at least 40 km closer to your workplace, new business, or school. You may be eligible for reimbursement for storage fees, travel expenses, and temporary housing expenses.

More Charity More Exemption

Contributions To Charity And Medical Expenses

You may be able to get a deduction for your charitable donations and certain medical expenses (including any medical cannabis products that you purchased while you were a patient). Couples might consider adding contributions to one spouse’s tax returns for the greatest benefit. It will be good for you if you review the tax system in Canada before paying the taxes.

Reducing Capital Gains Taxes Is A Good Idea.

You can use your RRSP and TFSA to invest because all interest in these accounts is exempted from tax. It will not deduct taxes, but it will give you a tax-free environment where you can generate more income. As previously mentioned, contributions to your RRSP may help increase your tax return.


Although it may seem like a time-consuming and difficult task to understand how taxes work, you will find many tools that can help you.

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